Žatika Sport Centre


Žatika Sport Centre is a multi-functional hall in Poreč. It was built for the needs of 2009 World Men’s Handball Championship, and formally opened on 21 November 2008. Total area of the hall is about 14,000 square m, and it has a total seating capacity of around 3,700.

Apart from the big hall, a small hall is being planned too. It will have 213.40 square m. There will be a fitness hall of 86.26 square m as well, on the same level with the main courts. Along with all following contents, there will be additional room for restaurants and sport clubs’ needs, as well as for a number of temporary objects for events and fairs.

Location: Poreč, Croatia
Coordinates: 45.224436°N 13.606844°E
Capacity: 3,700
Opened: 21 November 2008

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